About This Blog

Poore Trekkies is a blog where a modern couple will watch and write commentaries and observations about every episode and movie from every incarnation of Star Trek, in order of air date.

Why are we doing this?

For one thing, we love Star Trek. It’s frankly been a while since we watched any Star Trek, and we both wanted to watch it again. But last time we watched the various incarnations, we watched them all out of order (the incarnations, not the episodes themselves) and we were so excited about them that we had a tendency to rush through them, sometimes watching 4-6 episodes per night. While that certainly meant we ran through the shows very quickly, it’s tough to truly absorb what you’re watching when you go that fast.

So we decided that this time, we were going to be more active watchers (try to absorb the message, if any), then stop after each episode and discuss them. When we decided that much, we also decided it might be fun to share our opinions and thoughts in a blog.

What format will entries take?

We aren’t completely certain at the outset. It may even differ. Some episodes have meaning hidden deeply or not-so-deeply within the story, and we might want to expound. On the other hand, some of the more light-hearted episodes that are just fun to watch might be more savoring the best scenes or sharing our favorite lines. Some posts might just be a joint explanation of our thoughts on an episode, while others may have specific sections written by each of us individually.

In most cases, we will assume you aren’t reading for plot synopses, so there won’t be¬†excruciating¬†detail about what happened. We also are going to assume you’ve seen the episodes as well, so we aren’t going to feel the need to warn about spoilers. Take care when reading an entry for an episode you haven’t watched!

Final Thoughts

Remember above all that our posts are our own personal opinions and interpretations. You may disagree or see things differently, and that’s the beauty of Star Trek. Far from minding, if you disagree, we encourage you to comment and share your thoughts. We’re open to discussing our views on episodes.

Ando & Katie Mae Poore


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