Mudd’s Women

Mudd's Women

Why don’t we see more cosplays of these lovely ladies?

Katie Mae: When I saw Mudd’s women, I thought this was going to be “the show that launched a thousand cosplays.” But apparently nobody cosplays Mudd’s women. What’s with that? Those dresses were pretty cool…

Ando: Actually I was rather impressed by Harry Mudd’s swashbuckling outfit myself. And that earring…

KM: That earring was pretty impressive. And distracting. I wonder if there’s one on eBay… nope. Etsy? No? There’s something wrong with that. I bet we could make one. It looks like a Christmas ornament. Or those crinkly cat toys. Would you wear it if you got your ear pierced, Ando?

A: Maybe not every day, but on special occasions, when I wanted to look dashing! So I realize Harry Mudd is not exactly what you would call a Star Trek villain, like Khan, for example, but he does make for an interesting adversary for Kirk. He causes more exasperation than anger. He feels like a precursor to Cyrano Jones.

KM: Oh yea, the The Trouble with Tribbles guy! For a second I pictured them as the same guy and wondered if it was the same actor, but then I remembered they really look nothing alike. But they have similar personalities. I think this episode has a similar feel to The Trouble with Tribbles. It’s fairly light-hearted and a little silly.

A: True, but this episode does have a deeper message than The Trouble with Tribbles. That episode really was just a comedy. Mudd’s Women at least had a commentary on true beauty and a pretty stark condemnation of trophy wives.

KM: Yea, I felt like I was getting a nice little Star Trek-style morality dose from Kirk and Mudd, there. What did they say? “There’s only one kind of woman.”

A: “Or man, for that matter.” Wise man, Harry Mudd… I think.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

Seriously, who wouldn’t want that jaunty hat?

KM: Slivers of wisdom from Mudd. I didn’t see that coming. haha You know, I feel like there has been a fair bit of sexism in this show, but for some reason, this episode didn’t come across that way. Yes, the women wear provocative outfits, but it feels more like it’s all part of a joke. They’re so beautiful/sexy that they distract the men. It’s funny, not offensive.

A: Yes, it was so over-the-top that the viewers don’t see it as sexist. They know it’s wrong from the beginning. The show is not condoning the blatant objectification of the women’s bodies, and you can tell from the first scene how much of a slimeball Harry Mudd is.

KM: But he’s a lovable slimeball! I think he’s one of my favorite guest characters, actually. He’s fun.

A: And he sports a glorious mustache.

KM: It really is. He comes back in another episode later, right?

A: Yes, I, Mudd. He also shows up in an old Star Trek PC game, so I guess you’re not the only person who likes his antics.

KM: I think he really is one of the better characters. I wonder why you don’t see more of him, in merchandise and stuff. They could market Mudd’s Magical Venus Gummy Chews.

A: So what was your favorite moment in this episode?

KM: That scene where Mudd is coaching the women on how to avoid questions, but they kept calling him Harry. The security guard was right there (not giving a damn, by the looks of it) and Mudd kept getting flustered and paranoid. That was pretty funny. And yours?

Spock shrug

Spock has nothing but disdain for your silly human attractions, but he recognizes the significance of a smashing ass.

A: That moment when the women are leaving the conference room after meeting Kirk for the first time and Spock watches them leave, then gives Kirk a saucy little shrug and follows them. Ladies’ man Spock.

KM: This is a pretty good episode. I think I’m going to call it one of my favorites.

A: Fair enough, but there are still some awesome episodes ahead. *Turns to camera* Stay tuned!

Poore Trekkie Mustaches

We love Mudd’s glorious ‘stache so much, we got some of our own.


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