About the Poore Trekkies

Ando Poore

Star Trek has been in my life for my entire life. Some of my earliest childhood memories involve watching Star Trek with my parents. My dad had watched the original series when he was a kid, and though my Mom had not been a fan as a child, once she was exposed to it through Dad, she did enjoy the universe as well. When Star Trek: The Next Generation began its first season, I was 5 years old. Watching Star Trek became one of the most enjoyable parts of my young life.

Of course, all of the social commentary and moral messages went over my head as a kid, and until I got to my teenage years, the most attractive parts of Star Trek were the action-packed episodes, weird aliens, and Counselor Troi. But of course, as I grew up and matured, I could start to appreciate the subtleties and messages contained in many episodes. And also Terry Farrell.

It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that when it comes to TOS, TNG, and DS9, I’ve seen the entire runs of those shows at least twice, and many isolated favorite episodes many more times, and all 11 of the currently-released movies multiple times. I saw bits and pieces of Voyager during its original run, then the whole series one time through in its entirety later. As of starting this blog, the only Star Trek series I haven’t seen all the way through are the Animated series and Enterprise.

So aside from just another watch-through of Star Trek, what am I hoping to get out of this endeavor? Well, after seeing these episodes so many times, I am still finding things I’ve missed or having new insights or feelings whenever I watch, so I hope to open myself to get the most I can out of Star Trek all over again and then share what I see with you.

Katie Mae Poore

I grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with my mom. I thought I remembered seeing most of the episodes of that show. But we never watched any of the other incarnations that came along.

When Ando and I started dating, I found out that not only did he and his family watch a lot of Star Trek, they also were fans of Deep Space 9 in particular, which I had never seen. His parents gave him his own copy of the first season of DS9 when he moved out of their house, and he got me to start watching it with him right before we got married. I was hooked, and we immediately bought the entire series on DVD and watched it.

He suggested we go back and watch TNG since we both knew it, and that’s when I realized that I didn’t remember as much about the show as I thought I did. But I still loved it. We went on to watch The Original Series and Voyager, and though every series has something that makes it special, DS9 and TNG are still my favorites.

I have a tendency to fall asleep while watching TV shows and movies, and to fully appreciate shows like Star Trek, you have to watch more consciously. Ando and I have wanted to watch all the Star Trek incarnations again, and I think this will be a way to kill two birds with one stone: watch all Star Trek episodes and movies in order of air date (to get the context when the series cross over with one another), and be a more active viewer – that is, not just use a screen as an excuse to zone out. I need to exercise my brain, because I’m no long in college.

Plus, it should be fun!


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